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The South Metro Public Safety Training Facility in Minnesota is a modest concrete structure topped with a framework of simple wood trusses. Inside, the building is completely modern with wide brightly-lit hallways leading to a number of well-equipped classrooms and two state-of-the-art shooting ranges.

Located in Braemar Park in the southwest suburb of Edina, the facility is a joint project of the cities of Edina, Bloomington and Eden Prairie, as well as the Metropolitan Airports Commission. The 28,000 square foot building is used to train local law enforcement and firefighters. It is not open to the public.

The smaller of the facility's two shooting ranges is used for individual practice and training. The larger, 75-foot range has 10 shooting lanes and two adjoining rifle lanes that are 150 feet long. The expansive space is specifically designed for the kind of scenario-based training used by today's law enforcement professionals. Vehicles are driven out onto the floor, the lights lowered, and officers are faced with an array of fast-moving targets. Officers must decide quickly whether to shoot or hold their fire.

SONEXone Panels and SONEXone reduce noise in shooting range
SONEXone Panels and SONEXone Baffles reduce noise in shooting range

The range is equipped with high-tech sound equipment that can simulate a variety of situations, including the sounds of planes taking off and landing. With so much gunfire and other sounds happening at once, architects were keenly aware of the need to control the noise in both ranges, especially the larger one where echo and reverberation would likely be excessive. Not only were architects concerned with protecting the hearing of the officers; they also wanted to make sure the surrounding residential community was not disturbed by on-going gunfire.

After considering several options, architects opted for SONEXone 3" Panels and Baffles for the project. Installed on the walls and ceilings of the vestibules or "sound locks" leading into each shooting lane, as well as the area where the officers stand to fire their weapons, the panels and baffles dramatically reduce airborne sound energy. Both products are coated with black Hypalon®, protecting them from dust and dirt and allowing them to be easily wiped clean.

The easily-installed panels and baffles are made with pinta's proprietary willtec® foam, which is class 1 fire-rated for flame spread and smoke density. The best fire rating possible, Class 1 materials will char but not burn when they come in contact with flame. Flammability of acoustical products is always a concern, particularly in shooting ranges where unburned gun powder can sometimes present a fire hazard.

SONEXone Panels and SONEXone Baffles, a quality, cost-effective solution to our customers' noise control needs. Both are available in natural, painted or Hypalon coated. Their textured surface gives them a soft, geometric look that is appropriate for any environment.

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